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Natural Nitrous!

Elevating High-Performance Mustangs to the Next Level //

For over 25 years, Woolf Pack Racing founder, Dustin Woolf, has specialized in elevating high-performance Mustangs to expose their true potential on and off the track directly from Elk Grove, California.

That journey began as a teenager — rebuilding and maintaining both super and turbocharged Mustangs — and has culminated into a polished craft with the creation of the world’s first standalone mechanical intake cooling system for all internal combustion engines, known as Natural Nitrous.

Natural Nitrous: Creating Cooler Air Intake Charge

Woolf Pack Racing is changing the landscape of the industry by providing a variety of impactful solutions for performance Mustangs and other racing vehicles.

Dustin’s patent-pending Natural Nitrous is more than a stand-alone refrigerated system for the air induction of the motor. It lowers the air charge and dehumidifies the moisture which increases horsepower through dense oxygen atoms in the cylinder. It also lowers emissions because of the highly combustible, cold, dense air that burns cleanly and completely, which has made him a SEMA Launch Pad Finalist.

The proven results that Natural Nitrous provides under the hood of any racing vehicle, Jeep, crawler, or other beloved ride that needs to stay cool under pressure, heat, or arduous conditions is now just a click away.

With online access to this groundbreaking product, racers throughout Sacramento County, California, the U.S., and across the globe can access cooler air intake charge on and off the track with direct access to the Natural Nitrous system.


The World’s First Natural Nitrous Is Available In A DIY Installation Kit

The world’s first Natural Nitrous intake system is now available in a DYI installation kit!

Dustin’s expansive HVAC industry experience and knowledge paved the way for combining two of his passions: Racing and optimized racing.

Faced with the reality that hot air significantly limits the performance of the engine, Woolf Pack Racing put their expertise to the test by creating a helical coil design that reaches temperatures as low as minus 40 and can significantly reduce inlet air temperature dramatically in a distance of 8 to 14 inches and can achieve up to a 120° differential in temperature resulting in cooler and dense combustible air.

At Woolf Pack Racing, we truly understand that your high-performance vehicle is especially important to you — and is an extension of who you are — which means you may only want to refine its core yourself.

Our patent-pending standalone mechanical intake cooling system for all internal combustion engines provides a cooler, optimized engine that runs cleanly and efficiently — naturally — that can be installed by you, on your time, wherever you prefer to work on your vehicle, in as little as a weekend.

Order your preferred Natural Nitrous package today, and have it shipped directly to you or waiting at Woolf Pack Racing for pick up or installation.

Hands On Services for Performance Mustang Maintenance and Engine Rebuilds

At Woolf Pack Racing in Elk Grove, we specialize in building, repairing, maintaining, and optimizing high-performance Mustangs.

Whether yours is supercharged or turbocharged, our elite approach to ensuring your Mustang is performing for your unique needs — whether it is on the racetrack, city streets, or highways — so you can experience the appearance, sound, and function the way it was designed to perform.

Woolf Pack Racing offers complete Mustang and performance vehicle services

Contact Woolfpack Racing today to measure the force, torque, and power of your existing engine and learn more about how we can optimize its ability to place you at the front of the Woolf Pack.

Become Part of Our Woolf Pack

At Woolf Pack Racing, our creative spirit is driven by performance racing.

If there is something you need help with, whether it is a Mustang engine rebuild, a replacement part, or a second mechanical opinion, we pride ourselves on bringing value to all racing communities. Together, we can improve the efficiency of any engine on the market for heat racers everywhere.

Whether you are new to the sport, a collector, sponsor, or the one behind the wheel, we partner with our racing brethren to ensure inclusivity is the name of the game, because this sport represents what is great in all of us.

Marketing, Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

At Woolf Pack Racing, we have many marketing, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities for racing product and service companies to gather and participate in our California performance racing community.

Contact us today to learn which opportunities are available for your company’s unique needs, so we can help get your products, services, and message out to those who need you most.