Growing up in the Bay Area, Dustin Woolf fell in love with the Ford Mustang at a young age. It’s hard to pinpoint that moment, when he heard that unmistakable sound of a Ford Mustang GT roaring to life. You know what that is…strong low rumble of the exhaust turning into to a powerful roar on the open road. Whether it was the sight of such a beautiful machine or the feeling he got when he was behind the wheel for the first time, this lifelong love affair was born.

With a mechanic’s mind and an uncanny ability to diagnose and repair almost anything, it was an easy transition into the world of HVAC. During his 15 year career, Dustin quickly went from HVAC technician to General Foreman. His skillset made others take note and asked him to be an instructor for Local 38 for 7 years. During his career Dustin competed and won multiple state competitions, as well as obtained over 20 certifications. 

During those years, Dustin could never step away from his beloved Mustang. He has personally owned over 30 Mustangs and rebuilt over 300 Mustangs. Being able to perform rebuilds on different models of the Mustang has given him the real life, hands on experience that no book or class can provide.

In addition to the rebuilds, Dustin also expanded his specialized work to include the all-important horsepower upgrades. This includes superchargers, turbo systems, fabrications, fuel systems, Nitrous Oxide and electrical. With his years of proven experience, he is the person you want restoring or rebuilding your own beauty.

This lifetime passion for the Mustang’s has culminated in Dustin’s development of Woolf Pack Racing located in Elk Grove, CA. Woolf Pack Racing is a shop that specializes in rebuilds, horsepower upgrades, detailing and all related work. Whether you want to bring your old Mustang back to life, or start from scratch, WPR is the best shop you’ll find to guide you through this process.

With his passion for building mustangs and his elaborate career in HVAC he put the two together and invented the first ever mechanical refrigeration air induction for internal combustion engines and diesel engines. This invention has proven to add tons of horsepower to any naturally aspirated vehicle or out of this world numbers on supercharged or any boosted engine providing cryo-genic air temperatures leaving you with cool dense combustible air anywhere and anytime!

Dustin and his team are ready to consult with you on making your dream Mustang a reality. You have the keys…it’s up to you where you drive.